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About Us

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Prakash Machhiwal

The founder of "Nebelight" Professional INDIAN Blogger, this blog is about all Technology tips and tricks, blogging, all types of facts and general knowledge of all technologies related, social sites and all types of internet and online applications, contents that are helpful for all.
Contact me by mail- prakashmachhiwal17@gmail.com

      Welcome to Nebelight.com :
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"NEBELIGHT" is a website to provide "Tips and Tricks" related to Technology, Social Media, Business, Marketing, Make Money Online, Education, Interesting Facts, Top 3, advertisement, Technology general knowledge.
Our Vision:
The main motive of this Blog is to help those people who want to learn all about the web world Technologies and the Internet.
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About Founder :
Hello, friends, My name is Prakash Machhiwal, Since childhood, interest in electronic gadgets and video games has gradually changed from interest electronics to information technology. when I came in 12th class, I started to understand the worldly world, with the different views of the world, Inspired by photo editing on Facebook, I learned photo editing with the help of facebook editing groups, youtube and internet then I started editing photos. after I complete my B.sc IT I go for next challenge and get admission in MCA branch in the Oriental Institute of science and Technology Bhopal. I interested in technology and work smartly. The computer is my favorite Subject. in this stage, I learned more about technology that is my power of knowledge and base. so I thought to create the blog for the "LIFESTYLE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO ENJOY HELPING PEOPLE" This is my website's PUNCHLINE too.

About Domain : 
Firstly I want to take the SKYLIGHT name's Domain but this domain was already taken by other, SKYLIGHT mean the Light of Knowledge like as Skylight, medium knowledge no little no more too so I check the meaning of SKY in different languages and I found the NEBE in Czech language that means "SKY" So I created "NEBELIGHT". 
"NEBELIGHT"  is made up of two words NEBE+LIGHT its mean also Skylight because, in the Czech language, NEBE means Sky, and Light Mean Knowledge, and Light is my name also.

Blogging IDEA :
I remember those days when I entered in college and starts the MCA from Oriental Institute of science and technology Bhopal. the idea is to crawl my mind and tell me silently that you are the geek and you can speak your knowledge with your skills. in this way I start to create the blog but can't to implement cause of sources and perfection of knowledge, when my father gifted me the laptop I got full support of internet and family then I launched My website NEBELIGHT at 18-June-2018, this domain is taken for the Helping the people and share the tech knowledge about.

Blogging | Business | Education | Interesting Fact | Legal Tips & Tricks | Reviews | Social Media | Technology | Top 3 
Well, my blog is part-time blog right now But whenever I get the time, I work hard to improve the writing of posts and check comments regularly. leading this blog I understand the power of the INTERNET. this blog supports me for online Presence .so i Love my blog, I will create soon youtube channel too for my visitors. 
Lastly, I want to tell you If You want to earn, start learning. SUCCESS IS THE RESULT OF LEARNING FROM FAILURE. So Always Remember One Thing that is “FIRST LEARN THEN YOU CAN REMOVE THE L": 

Tech Blogger/Writer :
Prakash Machhiwal
Thank you For Visit www.nebelight.com

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